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High-Refraction Diamond-light Glass Reflective Roadmark



1.White Reflection roadmark is made of transparent glass.

2.Yellow Reflection roadmark is made of yellow transparent glass.(Shall not be color-less and transparent glass-plated yellow)

3.The reflector of white reflection roadmark and yellow reflection roadmark is made of aluminum and have a rough face stuck in the         glass hemisphere so that it could be recycle.


*Pressure: Conform to CNS 13762 regulation over 25 tons.


*Method of pressure test: The pressure test is carried out with a multi-purpose pressure machine( over 50 tons weight) In the test, the Reflection roadmark is put in a round iron board and 1 inch iron bar is placed at the center of the Reflection roadmark.

The other end of the iron bar get in touch with the multi-purpose pressure. The pressure from the machine is carried on until the Reflection roadmark broken down.


*Weight: 540±50g/pc


*Refraction index: 1.521 for White Reflection roadmark and 1.533 for Yellow Reflection roadmark 

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